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Fair Trade Organic Honduras Capucas

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GROWING ALTITUDE: 1100 - 1300 masl
ARABICA VARIETY: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pacas
HARVEST PERIOD: November-February
MILLING PROCESS: Washed, patio dried

COCAFCAL, or the Cooperativa Capucas Limitada, is located in western Honduras, in the buffer zone of the Celaque National Park –a cloud forest containing the country’s highest mountain. The cooperative represents an estimated 12 communities from the municipalities of San Pedro and Corquin, in Copan. Together, they work to promote the sustainable development of their local economy through financial, technical, productive and marketing services for members and families. Reducing poverty and increasing standards of life for their community are their main objectives. Their development programs have benefitted approximately 5,000 people in Las Capucas and surrounding regions. Members are dedicated to growing sustainable conventional, organic and Fair Trade coffees. The cooperative’s General Assembly has 10 members, nine of whom are women. The General Assembly manages the democratic use of the Fair Trade premium.

Cupping Notes

clean, sweet, chocolate notes, soft nutty notes, mild acidity, full body, balan

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