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Fieldstone Coffee Roasters was founded in 2007 in the small Town of Clinton, New Jersey. However, the passion to learn, educate, and share the coffee experience arose far from the east coast, in the even smaller town of Kihei, Maui, Hawaii. Since our beginning, Fieldstone Coffee Roasters has been sharing the passion through education. Everything coffee — from growing coffee, picking coffee cherries, drying, roasting and, of course, how to serve the best and freshest cup possible.

Fieldstone specializes in proprietary coffee pairing. They will cup and pair food menus for restaurants, chefs, cafés, and brewmasters to pull out the ultimate flavors in their meal or dessert. Education and training classes are provided for restaurant staff to help educate them on their proprietary coffee. 

Partnering with Fieldstone has additional benefits. Co-marketing through a social media marketing plan builds awareness, and local customers will have the ability to invite the roast master to meet-and-greet sessions at their restaurant, café or brewery, for a little “coffee talk".


Fieldstone Coffee Roasters roasts on their farm in Milford, NJ. The farm consists of a roast house (carriage house c. 1854), a cupping cottage, farm house, and plenty of room for fresh vegetables and farm animals.

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