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Sulawesi Micro Lot - Unroasted Green

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ORIGIN: Sulawesi
REGION: Pango Pango-Perindingan, Tana Toraja
FARM: Various small-holders
VARIETY: Typica Derivatives
ALTITUDE: 1400 - 1600 masl
PROCESS METHOD: Fully washed and dried at central dry mill


Sulawesi (Celebes), was influenced and controlled by the Netherlands from 1605 until World War II. In 1669 the Dutch East India Company took control of the trade in Sulawesi. The Dutch built Fort Rotterdam in Ujung Pandang (now Makassar) in the mid 1600’s and took control of the entire island in 1905, becoming part of the Dutch state colony of the Netherlands East Indies.
The Dutch East India Company maintained control of coffee production in Indonesia during most the 1700’s and introduced Arabica Coffee (Typica) to Sulawesi in 1750. Indonesian coffee has traditionally been processed with the Giling-Basah method, or wet-hulled, as in Sumatra. In 1976 TOARCO, a Japanese-Indonesian joint-venture, introduced Sulawesi to the traditional washed-process, similar to Central America.
TOARCO owns Pedamaran Plantation at 900 – 1250 masl and purchases wet-parchment (at 40% moisture) from small producers at 1200 – 1800 masl. Coffee is trucked to Pedamaran Plantation immediately and coffee is dried on patios at their mill facilities. Producers must be certified to TOARCO's standards of selective-picking, storage, transportation, moisture levels, and etc. to sell their parchment coffee.  Farmers are issued ID cards that allow them to sell their coffee at various purchasing points in the Tana Toraja region during the market of the week. 
Fieldstone Coffee Roasters coffee comes from small producers at higher altitude areas. Most of the coffee produced in Tana Toraja is S795 variety, a Typica hybrid. Indonesia has a great deal of Catimor, a Robusta-heavy x Arabica hybrid, but Tana Toraja has kept high-quality varieties.

Cupper Notes:

  • Heavy bodied with tangy acidity and flavors of chocolate nut, and herbs
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