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Sumatra Mandheling - Unroasted Green

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NAME: Harimau Tiger
ORIGIN: Mandheling
VARIETY: Sumatra (mutant typica)
REGION: Central Kenya, Nyeri District, Tetu Division
VARIETAL: SL 28 and SL34 and Ruiru 11
DRYING METHODS: Sun dried on clay patios
TOTAL AVAILABILITY: Exports 671,088,000 lbs
SPECIAL NOTES: Grade 1, double picked, hand sorted


Small landowners whose tiny plots are scattered over high terraced plateaus of clay produce most of the coffee on the island of Sumatra.This coffee grows under full sun conditions without the addition of chemical fertilizers or pest control. The farmers are responsible for the initial stages of the coffee bean processing. They remove the skin of the coffee cherries with hand-operated backyard milling machines and ferment the pulp-covered beans overnight. The beans are then washed and allowed to dry on clay or canvas at the farmers' yards. Parchment removal and a second drying are done at a middleman's warehouse.Finally A third drying and sorting is completed at the port of Medan before shipping. The combination of soil, climate, and primitive processing methods (variation in bean size and color are normal) are responsible for, and contribute to, Sumatran coffee being considered one of the truly unique coffees in the world.

Sumatran coffee is normally a rich and full-bodied coffee, however the Sumatra Harimau Tiger also presents an intense, bright aroma. Its acidity is distinct yet mellow. This coffee finishes sweet with a lingering richness. 


          * Unroasted or "Green" beans are NOT edible. These beans must be roasted in a coffee roaster in order to drink and enjoy.


 Cupper Notes:
  • Intense, Bright Aroma
  • Rich
  • Full Bodied
  • Sweet Finish
  • Lingering Richness

Roaster Notes:

  • Great Espresso bean
  • Easy Blending
  • Uneven morphology - challenging roasts
  • Prefers Darker Rroasts


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